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Dog Training

Individual dog training with a trained professional is available right at our facility!


Pricing and Information

For established daycare members: 

       -During a daycare visit: $20 for a 30 minute session

       -On Saturdays with owner present: $30 for one hour


The training sessions during daycare can be used to reinforce things that your dog already knows such as obedience cues (sit, lay down, stay, coming when called and leave it), leash walking, and off leash heeling. This helps keep cues fresh in your dog’s mind during times when you may not be able to put in practice sessions with the dog. These sessions can also be used to help your dog work on learning the mentioned behaviors.  In order for you to see results at home, you will need to come in for at least one private Saturday session to ensure 


For non-daycare members: Saturdays ONLY

       -One hour sessions with owner present: $45

Saturday sessions are used for you to work with your dog on performing obedience cues, leash walking, and off leash heeling.  For these sessions, your dog will need to be wearing either a flat collar or a martingale collar which fits your dog properly, and have a standard (leather or fabric) 6 foot leash.  If you have any questions about collars and properly fitting them, please call us for help.


At this time, training sessions can only be completed on K-9 Collar Club property.  Any behavior issues which are observable in that setting may be worked on in addition to the above mentioned cues. Working on behavior issues may only be done during Saturday sessions, while the owner is present.

To become a member at our daycare and gain access to weekday training sessions, call us or register online to schedule a meet and greet today!

Meet our dog trainer!

Annette Renshaw graduated from SUNY Cobleskill in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Technology in Canine Training and Management. She has trained dogs for AKC Obedience trials, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and for therapy dog certification with Therapy Dogs International; along with training for basic obedience. She also understands the mechanics of training dogs for detection and bite work (taking down a human decoy), as well as performing as a decoy. 

Annette has worked in pet retail and animal shelters for most of her life. She is skilled in reading canine body language and in boosting canine confidence. She enjoys working with dogs and discovering their individual personalities.  Annette trains dogs using methods backed by science, and by utilizing the relationship between people and their dogs.

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